Date: 7/12/17 7:47 pm
From: Joel Geier <joel.geier...>
Subject: [obol] Summer doldrums? What?!!!
Sorry, someone needs to speak up for summer!

This is my favorite time of year for birding. Juvenile birds are all
over the place. Even if none of them are "new" species for folks who are
focused on state/county year lists, they are fascinating and often
challenging birds to identify.

This morning just a few mile north of Corvallis, I saw a juvenile Oregon
Junco consorting with several juvenile Vesper Sparrows. A whole family
groups of Chipping Sparrows wound up in our nets, while Savannah
Sparrows chipped nearby. Streaky-breasted juvenile Lazuli Buntings were
out and about too.

Even though we were out in oak savanna habitat, a young Hairy Woodpecker
flew through, and gave some strange calls that you probably won't hear
any other time of year.

There's nothing like summer, enjoy it while it's happening. Most of us
only get to enjoy 60 or 70 summers in our life, if even that many. In
what other season can you go outside and have any chance of hearing a
Nighthawk? Or Purple Martins?

Yesterday I ran into four Coyote pups playing outside their den in a
brush thicket. Today I helped to extract a California Darner from a mist
net (thanks Howard for the ID!). Autumn, winter, and spring are all
great too, but there's nothing like summer, even for birders.

Happy summer birding,

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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