Date: 7/12/17 2:50 pm
From: David McDonald <DBMcD...>
Subject: Baird's Sparrows (nr Laramie)

Following parasitically in the competent and careful footsteps of Cody Porter and Nate Behl, I went incompetently and carelessly up Rt 51 (the dirt D-loop from 8 miles N of Laramie, W of 287, to lovely downtown Bosler).

Even I was able to find singing Baird’s Sparrows (which I had seen previously only in ND, though I heard one with Vicky Herron and some others once, east of Cheyenne) …

If you want to try, proceed N on 51 (Old Laramie Rd) past the Git-Along Trail sign until a fence starts on your right. From there to the cattle guard fence is the Baird’s area (and Chestnut-collared Longspurs). Also had Swainson’s, Ferruginous and Red-tailed Hawks, both longspurs and a den of red foxes (recent swift foxes along the road to Centennial). I also heard some more Baird’s up near the river, a couple of miles (?) north of that, though they were fairly faint and far away.

Baltimore Orioles …. Perhaps I should parasitize Jean’s efforts in the NE once again.

Happy trails, Dave McD

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