Date: 7/12/17 1:56 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Brig today
Back in winter of 2009 this beginner-dumb birder refused to head down to Cape May to see the Ivory Gull. Reason ? Looking back now with some regret but he traded in the petro and toll money to go see the gull for 18 bottles of IPA instead. If I recall, looking at the ebird photos of the Ivory Gull and reading the reports from fellow birders were plenty satisfying back then.

However, all bets are off when going from Gull to Shorebirds. After seeing the photo a Western Sandpiper at Brig from Harvey T. last night, another shorebird seeking vacation day was in order. This morning it took me about an hour and half from the Goose Marker 4 to get to the first tower. Somewhat close Western was in the freshwater impoundment directly in front of the tower and scope was not needed for ID. Second one was further out and needed the scope for ID confirmation.

My total bird list is pretty lame since I was mainly focused on shorebirds and snowy egrets. Total number may be 15 to 20 ? Other noted findings were Two Pectoral Sandpipers past the dog-leg in the impoundment. Potential three Royal Terns at the edge of salt marsh mud-flat near the end of the Drive to the right.

Some photos Western Sandpiper on Flickr below for my fellow beginner birder friends.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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