Date: 7/12/17 9:56 am
From: Glenn White <glennwhite...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Re: Looked for a miracle...but found something pretty miraculous anyway
Hi Lisa:

Thanks for posting the photos, it's great to see another leucistic hummer
in our area. Last week I got some photos of the original and it don't look
very healthy. Here's a link to a gallery of hummer photos with the
leucistic from the Arboretum and a partial leucistic that was around our
place in Felton last summer (half green / half white) at our feeder. Under
the picture titles are the dates they were taken. You can really see the
difference in the leucistic hummer's featuers between the May 2016 photos
versus July 2017.

Take care,


On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 5:33:06 PM UTC-7, lisafaylarson wrote:

> Hi Birders,
> I heard from a friend that the white Anna's at the UCSC Arboretum had
> gotten better. Last time I saw it, he was in really bad shape, so I went to
> investigate.
> I didn't find the Anna's, but I did find a male leucistic Allen's
> Hummingbird. He is a healthy and pugnacious guy. I saw him do the U-shape
> flight pattern, but the sound at the bottom of the dive was very weak, if
> there at all. I think it is a young male. All of the male Allen's I saw
> today were young. Does that sound right? Have the mature ones migrated?
> Photos (not easy to photograph him in bright light and they are
> competitive as heck)
> Happy birding,
> -Lisa

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