Date: 7/11/17 7:26 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion Co- Worm-eating warblers, clay-colored sparrow, dickcissels
Today I went south instead of north and started the day on the bike
trail along the southern border of Clarion Co, the Redbank Valley Trail at
Lawsonham. Not as much singing as earlier in summer but still plenty of
activity. Black-and-white warblers were everywhere with young families and
adults feeding young. Redstarts were also feeding young. Best birds of
course were the 5 worm-eating warblers that I found, still singing and one
carrying food so able to confirm breeding. One was before the tunnel
heading east towards Climax, the others were past there. The one carrying
food was right across from the lean-to and picnic area just past the
tunnel. I was able to see as well as hear all but one bird as they were all
right along the trail or not far off.

Mid-day I made a brief trip through the Skyline Dr spot and checked on
the dickcissels. Both singing males remain and are recognizable by their
differing songs which I recorded separately the other day and so recognized
again today. No females noted and lots of singing Henslow's sparrows still

From there I met up with fellow county birder Mal Hays and we visited a
spot he has been watching clay-colored sparrows since last year. This is a
new area for me and was first reported by him last year. The birds
returned this year and have been regular since early in June. We watched a
singing male today who was vocal throughout our entire 50 minute visit. No
female was noted but back in the first week of June he had seen both a male
and a second bird with nesting material. So they seem to be getting
established here. This is at SGL 74 outside of Strattanville and north of
I-80. The location is in eBird and coordinates from there are accurate to
the parking area of the gamelands. Walking in the gamelands road from
there, the birds are right up on the hill to the right above the parking
area in the fenced in deer enclosure. According to Mal, both years they
have stayed pretty steadily in this location, so with the fence they are
fairly protected from predators at least. I have not found any yet this
year so it was a first for me for the county this year. They are becoming
much harder to locate in some of their usual spots so if anyone is
interested in this area, the map from eBird should take you right to the
parking area.

Just in two days of a moderate amount of time I once again proved to
myself what a fantastic area Clarion County is for birds, it encompasses
classic north and south birds at once, and has all the beautiful grasslands
in between. It's pretty awesome to drive a few miles and go from
worm-eating warblers or hermit thrush and mourning warblers to dickcissels,
clay-colored and Henslow's sparrows. In 23 years of watching and learning
about the birds here, I have had countless hours of happiness and learn
something new every time I am out.

July is also a great month for breeding birds !! Don't quit birding too
soon and give up after June, there is plenty still going on out there to
learn and enjoy for another week or so..

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co.

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