Date: 7/11/17 9:08 am
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Subject: IBET Wood stork gallery (no sighting, but...)
I haven't photographed one since 2000, and have no digital photos. Back
in the days of film, besides the extra expense of film and processing,
you didn't know for sure how the shots would turn out, and usually I
didn't for about a week. When I happened to be in Florida related to
another business, I bought camera equipment and started taking pictures
of the birds that I saw, to show friends and relatives. I remember the
Wood Stork was particularly difficult because of the contrast of black
and white that film didn't have the kind of tolerance that digital does.
Starting photography from scratch, while down there, and buying some
books on the subject, I made data chart sheets to write down all my

When my first Wood Stork shots didn't turn out well, I reviewed the
settings and adjusted things and the next came out with a better balance
from the two extremes of light and dark.

I'd been shooting about a year, when some shots, including a Wood Stork
were used in a portfolio of my shots in Birding Magazine.

So all these gallery shots are actually scans from slides. I would have
far more if I was shooting digitally. I reviewed what I had and tweaked
some to improve a little over the scanning process which doesn't always
do so well with such high contrast subjects.

It doesn't sound like many are getting great views of the Rend Lake one,
so doubtful of getting any good shots, and not being a locality lister,
I am skipping an attempt to see.

For those who missed or got poor looks or haven't seen in their more
usual range, here is a revised gallery with a few shots.


/Rob Curtis/


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