Date: 7/11/17 5:15 am
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Subject: [Ohio-birds] Big Island Wildlife Area - north of Larue/Prospect Road
Hi Birders!

Thanks to Cam Lee and Christopher Collins for alerting me. Conditions are
excellent for shorebirds and there are stacks of them at this site right now

I managed to get my Ohio state tick American Avocet there on Saturday. And,
yesterday, I got my state tick Stilt Sandpiper - there were actually 3 of
them and I was really pleased to get good views of 1 in beautiful breeding
plumage - my record photo is on the e-bird checklist at

There is a Wilson's Snipe that tends to stay right in the open all the time
- photos are also on the above checklist link (it was there yesterday and
also on Sat).

Yesterday we also estimated 80 Lesser Yellowlegs, 12 Greater Yellowlegs, 37
Least Sandpiper, 6 Short-billed Dowitcher, 5 Pectoral Sandpiper, 7 Spotted
Sandpiper, 3 Solitary Sandpiper, etc.

Near the duck blind I got great views of my 2nd Ohio Least Bittern flying
very low (after all my trying, with eventual success on my 6th visit, at
Battelle Darby - now I suppose I'm going to see them popping out
everywhere?). And a Trumpeter Swan with 2 cygnets (and another pair of

At least 4 Bald Eagles around.

Please do let me know/post a report if you go there and see a rarer
shorebird (or wader as we call them in South Africa). As mentioned,
conditions there are currently perfect for shorebirds and its well worth a

Hopefully there will be another Ohio state tick for me to go for - this
state listing is proving to be a good excuse to get acquainted with the
amazing wildlife areas and parks of central Ohio!

Just a side note on mammals, although I'm from Africa where I was able to
find a myriad mammals including Leopard, Lion, Cheetah, Wild Dog, etc.
within 5 hours of my previous home (Jo'burg), and although I've also lived
in Wyoming with all the incredible wildlife there, I'm really excited about
what I'm finding in Ohio. My latest life mammal was American Mink yesterday
on a brief drive through Killdeer Plains - it kept crossing the road and
gave wonderful views. Now hoping to see a Bobcat somewhere!

Cheers and good birding,



Chris Lotz <>


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