Date: 7/11/17 4:14 am
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion Co- mourning warblers at SGL 24- Leeper
Yesterday I was finally able to followup on a report from Mike Weible
on a mourning warbler he found on SGL 24 on June 16. This area is at the
very northern edge of Clarion Co and at the southern tip of the SGL, just
several miles west of Leeper at Rt 66. At the Tylersburg Food Plot parking
area, I walked back the gated road to the end, probably not more than half
mile or so. There is a beautiful area to the left of what I believe is
called a shelter wood, with lots of great brambles and low cover and a nice
canopy with lots of cherry and oak. It looked perfect for mournings and I
just walked up in a very short ways in the back end. After awhile didn't
hear anything so did use playback with a call just twice and a female
responded. I watched her awhile, she was worn looking, continued to feed
and fly back and forth but wasn't able to see her carrying food or other
confirmation of breeding. The male was singing a little ways away but I
never did see him. I was very happy to find them here and it looks like
this spot might provide some habitat for another couple of years possibly.
There is lots of great habitat at this location for varied species as on
the right along Little Coon Creek the woods turn to thick pine and hemlock
and so had blue-headed vireos and hermit thrush as well as a red-breasted
nuthatch. This is one of the most southern areas I see on eBird for
breeding mourning warbler other than in the mountain ridges.

I stopped a few areas at Cook Forest after the gamelands and had a nice
selection of expected northern birds including blue-headed vireo, least and
Acadian flycatcher, brown creeper, blackburnian and black-throated green
warblers, winter wren, and northern parula. I was disappointed to see that
the start of the beautiful hillside Hemlock Trail had extensive damage from
what looked like fairly recent storms. There were large numbers of very
large hemlock and white pine down all around the trail at the start and
scattered along the way, and I found no golden-crowned kinglets here that I
usually do. This trail is also part of the Baker Trail and North Country
Trail. I also checked at the end of Breezemont Drive near Rt 36 where I've
had pine warblers before but did not find any.

Happy summer birding !

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co.
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