Date: 7/10/17 1:17 pm
From: David Brown <davidebrownpa...>
Subject: My New Online Nocturnal Flight Call Recording Guide
Introducing the LycoBirds Guide to Recording Nocturnal Flight Calls:

Some people have asked me about my home nocturnal flight call station so I
wrote this series of articles to be a complete overview of my equipment and
how I analyze my recordings.

I've been recording NFCs every night at my house in Lycoming County since
the beginning of May and have found it really enjoyable. I live in a valley
town between an airport and a highway and still get a ridiculous number of
calls. Highlights have included: Brant, black-bellied plover, dunlin,
short-billed dowitcher, whimbrel, barn owl, and dickcissel.

It is fairly easy to set up an NFC station and it can be very rewarding.
Fall migration is a great time to start so I recommend giving it a try if
you are interested. I'm happy to answer any questions. Even this time of
year I am getting green herons and both species of cuckoos on a regular
basis and shorebirds are starting to migrate south. is a website run by my brother Bobby and I as an educational
resource about the birds of Lycoming County, PA.

David Brown
Lycoming County
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