Date: 7/10/17 8:50 am
From: Brendyn Baptiste <000000c0e1e11ab7-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Late Post--Marsh Birds @ Rasselas Marsh--Elk County
On Saturday morning, I made another visit to Rasselas Marsh to check on some of the birds that I had there last week. Although, this visited was way more productive. I first stopped at the beginning of Swamp Creek just up the road from the marsh where most of the White-throated Sparrows breed and there were at least 7 singing males present.

At the marsh, I decided to play a quick playback of Virginia Rail in hopes of trying to locate one. That one short playback brought me a total of 4 individuals (2 groups) grunting back and forth to each other for a minute or so. Along with them calling, a Sora made it "winnow" call twice. Then, one of the males kept continuously singing it "kiddick" song in the marsh about 30 ft in front of me. I got a fairly good look at him as he was singing. While this guy was singing away, I was scanning the edge of the marsh for the female, when instead I got a good look of a Wilson's Snipe sitting on a nest. Following this sighting, 2 Lesser Yellowlegs also came flying out of the marsh calling while making a couple of circles before flying off to the east. Lastly, the pair of Northern Harriers were observed flying together and calling. Overall, this was definitely a great visit, and this location provides the only know breeding location for these species (except Lesser Yellowlegs) in the county.

Good Birding!
Brendyn Baptiste
Slippery Rock, Butler County

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