Date: 7/9/17 5:03 pm
From: Bruce Walgren <piranga...>
Subject: Nowood BBS
Dear Birders,

Donna and I did the Nowood BBS on July 7. We had excellent weather and road
conditions. A dead cottonwood near our starting point had 8 turkeys and
young roosting in it, but the Common Poorwill that we heard earlier, refused
to call after our start time. The turkeys were new for this route even
though the Nowood River valley is right close and they surely have been
there, we just haven't been in the right place at the right time. Near the
end of the route we found 3 Turkey Vultures, another new species for the
route. At one point we had a family of Sage Thrashers, the young were as
big as the adults and it was fun to watch them. This route is in a remote
location (between Ten Sleep and Lysite) and we have done the route without
seeing any vehicles, we did have a few this time, but they were not a
factor. I have not input the data yet, but it seemed that the sparrow
numbers are down. The habitat ranges from riparian (with just a few trees),
heavy sage steppe, dry grasslands, and a few small reservoirs.

Bruce & Donna Walgren

Casper, WY
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