Date: 7/9/17 4:03 pm
From: 'Carolyn A. Marsh' <cmarshbird...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Illiana Birds: Skyway Monk Parakeets 2017
07 and 09 July 2017 - This is the 2017 nesting report on the Chicago Skyway
Monk Parakeet colony in SE Chicago. From the Picosito Mexican Grill I
counted 47 stick nests (5 under the bridge and 42 on the southwest side of
the bridge) along 10000 S. Ewing Ave. and Avenues "L" "M" and "N." Some
nests are small with one perfectly round entrance hole and others are very
large with many connecting compartment entrance holes.

There is much more traffic in this area than in previous years, but the
intersection has been improved and greened so one can actually sit under a
nest in the small East Side Memorial parkway that has four benches near the
army tank monument.

The 2016 count was a high of 50+ nests. Possibly the lower number is because
workers maintain and paint the bridge and remove nests accessible on the
underside of the bridge. Workers were working July 7 under the bridge at
100th and Ewing. However, the established southwest outer stick nests jammed
between sections of pipes are active with nestlings.

The nests are destroyed by the city and state and utility companies as
non-native birds with the approval of institutions and non-government
organizations including bird organizations. However, the Chicago Skyway is
leased private property and the Monks are accepted in the community as a
novelty. This is a neighborhood near the heavy industrial developed Calumet
River and the Monk's competitors are House Sparrows and European Starlings
that succeed in the harsh environment. They nested in the "hidden" lakefront
Calumet Park on light posts and electric transmission boxes in alleyways.
New nests are regularly removed. Large colonies of Monk Parakeets once
existed in Hyde Park in Chicago and the Village of Burnham on Greenbay Ave.
Monk nests on public property and on utility polls are usually removed in NW
Indiana as well.

Carolyn Marsh, Whiting, IN

I wrote the article Monk Parakeet: First State Breeding Records and
Expansion into Northwest Indian, Indiana Audubon Quarterly February 2006

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