Date: 7/9/17 3:46 pm
From: L Markoff <canyoneagle...>
Subject: [obol] Rufous hummer feeding on Agastache Tutti Frutti
Hi Obol,

Currently I have two species of hummers, Anna's and Rufous. All the Rufous
are juvies. There are several of each species, probably about 10 hums
altogether. A few moments ago I was sitting on the front porch watching
three Rufous fight over the Agastache Tutti Frutti. Here is a video of the
one who won out. It worked on the Agastache most of the time. At times it
would taste one of the Salvias, but it would then go back to the Tutti
Frutti. Butterflies and bees like the Tutti Frutti too. It is the top
plant in my small pollinator garden.

Photo/video here:

Lori Markoff

Eugene (South Hills)

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