Date: 7/9/17 12:00 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Brig
Which beginner-dumb birder would watch a same birding movie over and and over, 4 times in span of three days ? That would be yours truly.

Keith Phillips and I visited Brig on Friday to watch the 2017 summer-fall shorebird migration show and it was kind of uneventful, but we had a great time. Then on Sat, I went back on my own and watched the shorebird show in the morning and I went back again in the afternoon, after striking-out again in search of DICK in Pomona-Galloway grassland habitat.

I went back again to Brig this morning to make sure I did not blow off any bright-rufus looking Least Sandpipers or Semis for that matter. Between the last three days, I may have seen over 250 or more Least/Semis, and most may be duplicate.

But unlike the last three times watching the same old shorebird movie at Brig, this morning had a bit of different ending. I managed to watch two Common Gallinule within about 15 minutes apart. First one from the Gull Pond Tower and the second one from the Goose Marker 4. I did go to the Gull Pond on Sat in search of the previously reported Gallinule, but there were two birders on the tower when I arrived. The anti-social birder that I am, did the U turn and hit the dike instead, so I never did get my chance on Sat.

Also, three new actors that were absent the days before. Three Stilt Sandpipers. Not certain if these stilts were in the background during the Friday and Saturday movie.

Some photos of my day on Flickr below.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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