Date: 7/9/17 7:30 am
From: Donald Sweig via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Arlington Kites : ?? Nest Failure ??
I stopped by 18th and Utah in North Arlington this morning to check on the Mississippi kite nest. I saw no perched or flying kites.
I managed to get a good scope view of the nest and I saw no evidence of an adult kite or chicks in or around the nest. After about five minutes I saw an American crow fly in, land on the edge of the nest, look into the nest and fly off. There was no evidence of any sort of nest defense by adult kites. I can't imagine that the adult kites would have left unhatched eggs or recently hatched chicks unattended in the open nest.
I have in past years seen Mississippi kites engage in vigorousness nest defense against crows and raptors, and I have seen crows predate and destroy Mississippi kite nests. My best assessment of what I saw this morning is that the nest either failed or was predated by the crows and that the adult kites have abandoned the nest.
Too bad.
If anyone sees any evidence of any Mississippi kites around this nest, I would appreciate a Va-bird post or send me note.
Thank You,
Donald Sweig
Falls Church, Virginia

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