Date: 7/8/17 5:32 pm
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Forsythe nwr - just the usual
I would have liked a rarity today! But the usual is good also. I love a good
shorebird study. Had a Western Willet today. Stood out like a sore thumb
structure wise after all the Eastern Willets I was looking at! I tried turning
it into a Godwit. Didn't work..... had a couple Hendersoni SB Dows. I am
fairly certain. But alas, this pic taking is difficult! They are orange on the
underparts, little spotting on the breast. But the ones I had weren't that
golden on the upper parts. I have not a clue whether that wears early
or not. Our usual is Griseus.

Had a Whimbrel today, plus many Gull-billed Terns. Both of those are new
for the year. I am way behind. Camden is nice! But I need a break....

Best shorebirding was the SW pool. Although Willets were everywhere.

Nature notes - Gliders everywhere. Thats a dragonfly. Plus Broad-winged
Skippers and Monarchs.

Good birding all.

Sandra Keller

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