Date: 7/8/17 2:00 pm
From: Cody Porter <empidonaxdvg...>
Subject: Laramie Range birds

Nate Behl, Jimena Golcher, and I did a 6 mile loop in the Blair-Wallis area of the Laramie Range.

We had several nice birds during the hike, including:

A few small groups of Black-capped Chickadees in willow/riparian areas. The most I've ever seen in the Laramies or the Snowies.

One drumming Williamson's Sapsucker.

At least 30 type 2 red crossbills.

The highlight was a singing adult male American Redstart near the Blair Wallis picnic area. Gave us fantastic looks. Never had that species in the Laramie Range before.

Good birding,
Cody Porter

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