Date: 7/8/17 11:49 am
From: Amy Henrici <henriciac...>
Subject: Broad-winged hawks, Deer Lakes Park, Allegheny, County
We had an interesting hawk sighting Around mid-morning while walking on the gravel road at DLP. We heard a couple of Broad-winged hawks calling close by. I just got them in my binoculars close overhead, when they loosely joined talons and somersaulted about two times and then separated. Pat also got a good look at them. Later we saw three Broad-winged hawks soaring together. They were briefly joined by a Red-shouldered Hawk, who was missing most of the outer portion of his tail. We once saw Bald Eagles somersaulting but never before had we seen hawks exhibit this behavior.

Amy Henrici
Pat McShea

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