Date: 7/7/17 12:43 pm
From: Oscar Miller <aoscarmiller3...>
Subject: Cliff Swallows extirpated in Allegheny County?
On 5 July 2017 Wednesday I checked the Cliff Swallow colony on the structure at the dam of North Park Lake. Unfortunately there were no active nests present. In 2015 there were seven active nests. In 2016 there were only 2 active nests, with House Sparrows taking over 5 nests. Lots of House Sparrows nesting in holes in the structure which has not been well maintained were probably too much competition. This year there are two active Barn Swallow nests but no Cliff Swallows…Sadly, this might have been the last known site for nesting Cliffs In Allegheny County. Does anyone know of any other sites in Allegheny? Thanks, Oscar Miller
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