Date: 7/7/17 10:52 am
From: Nickie Zavinsky <nickiezee0111...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Fwd: "dropbox" hacking
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From: Larry Corridon <larry961357...>
Date: Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 10:14 AM
Subject: Fwd: "dropbox" hacking
To: Nickie Zavinsky <nickiezee0111...>

Hi All,
Larry Corridon asked me to forward this to everyone.

*From: *Larry Corridon <larry961357...>
*Subject: **"dropbox" hacking*
*Date: *July 7, 2017 at 04:51:38 PDT
*To: *MBB <mbbirds...>

I signed up today for a pay for security company and they found that I had
been hacked by some unknown Russian hackers from that damn dropbox window
that plagued many of us and they had to clean out my computer, which took
quite a bit of time today. Since I do my banking and a lot of purchases on
line, and the sites were compromised, I realized it was necessary. I don’t
know if that was the case for others who opened that window or not. I do
know changing my e-mail address was not enough in my case.

I don’t use G-mail but a friend who does and accidentally clicked on that
box, said that G-mail tech support ws very helpful.

So sorry for anyone who received that fake dropbox window from me.

I hope That you received both Nickie Zavinski’s and my directions to
Steve’s Memorial and SCBC picnic. It is a lovely spot, set in a redwood
grove, with plenty of seating and tables, sanitary facilities, potable
water drinking fountains and even a Bocci Ball court! (If anyone wishes to
play it and has a set, the courts are available for use.)

I look forward to being able to celebrate Steve’s life and to strengthen my
memories of him as a friend, teacher, birder extraordinaire, and a true
lover of nature. I hope you can attend and do the same.


Nickie Zavinsky Old Friends Pet Support

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