Date: 7/7/17 9:16 am
From: Craig Miller <gismiller...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Astronomical Ravens
All the credit for any research and conclusions must be credited solely to
Robert's brilliant insights.

I just take the photos and let others take it to the next level.


Craig Miller

On Jul 6, 2017 10:08 PM, "Robert O'Brien" <baro...> wrote:

> Craig Miller recently posted an astounding Ravens photo he took in central
> Oregon:
> He found a flock of 106 of these birds in the air together.
> Now, 106 Ravens in a single flock isn't astronomical. I've seen similar
> numbers there a time or two.
> It's what they were doing that was astronomical.
> Now most birders know that birds regularly fly long distances at night
> while navigating by the stars.
> But how did they learn to do this? Well Craig has happened upon the
> answer.
> You might think that they would have these lessons at night. But of
> course, they can't see each other then
> because they're black. So they have to do them during the day. In
> Craig's photo they're still learning of course.
> They don't have the pointer stars (pointing at the north star) quite
> right, and they may not know about the
> double star in the middle of the handle. But the season is still early
> and there's plenty of time to learn more.
> Nice, ground-breaking research Craig.
> Bob OBrien
> See Craigs's photo attached.

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