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Keep in mind that 1986 was 31 years ago and I was just a kid of 41. ;-)

The stand where I heard that bird was north of Lorane OR. I can’t give coordinates; it’s been too many years and I don’t have access to the project maps.

By 1986 I was in my 4th year of field research on forest birds. I had worked two seasons: in the North Cascades of Washington, and in Montana and the Blue Mts of Oregon before I came to the Oregon Coast range. I was very familiar with Townsend’s Warbler song. I was crew chief of our bird effort that season. My notes in my little spiral note book list ‘Townsend’s Warbler 1’ with an arrow pointing to it. That is my designation that I considered it a special sighting.

In my diary for that day I say “I heard a warbler singing “zhe ZHEE tjuh, tjuh, tjuh.” I listened to it repeatedly and even tried to see it (unsuccessfully). I came back after my census and heard it again and tried to get a look at it off and on for an hour. Still no luck. I called it a Townsend’s warbler.” That written description on the song is what I consider the classical Townsend’s song.

I agree with you that Hermit and Black-throated Gray warblers sound similar and mimic each other’s songs. I find them difficult. Working through the season for two years I came to believe that Hermit Warblers sing one song early in the season, when they’re seeking mates, then change songs once they are mated. (sort of like humans) ;-)

Townsend’s songs I find easier to distinguish, especially the classic one.



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Paul did you see the June Townsends? I have had Townsends in Coos up to the very end of May but never in June. Been working in the Coos and Curry Coast Range since 1988. Was ear birding by 1993 and really started to pay attention to early and late dates in 1998.

By the way Hermits readily come down for tapes so it is not to difficult to check.

Geoff Keller did a lot of recording in the Coast Range and loved to fool me with Black-throated Gray songs that sometimes sounded like Hermits and Hermits that sounded just like Black-throated Grays so I think they imitate each others songs sometime. He always visually IDed birds he recorded. Habitat differerences are really helpful though for sure.

Tim Rodenkirk

Coos Bay

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For what it's worth...

I worked on Old Growth research in the central part of the Oregon Coast
Range in 1985-86. We had plots in sort of a rough rectangle bounded by Rice
Hill and Roseburg on I-5 and inland 20 mi from the ocean from Coos Bay to
Reedsport, We had plots in various ages of timber.

I just went back to my notes of the birds that I recorded on the days that I
worked, representing various stands of timber on different days. I pulled
data from April 19 - June 30 for both years.

1985 (34 days afield)
32 Black-throated Gray Warbler
226 Hermit Warbler
1 Townsend's Warbler (May 16, 1985)

1986 (37 days afield)
19 Black-throated Gray Warbler
293 Hermit Warbler
2 Townsend's Warbler (April 19 & June 19, 1986)

That's all the Townsends I recorded.

Paul Sullivan

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