Date: 7/6/17 10:14 am
From: Brodie Lewis <brodietlewis...>
Subject: [obol] Wasco Least FC and Eastern Kingbirds
The Least Flycatcher reported by Stefan Schlick at the end of Fred Ashley
Rd was still present this morning, chebecking away. Would've recorded it if
not for the terrible cacophony of cows directly behind me.

50 yards down the road also had a pair of Eastern kingbirds on the high
tension tower. In my personal experience the population seems to be
expanding. In years past ive only seen them at trout Creek on the upper
lower Deschutes, but this year I've already seen three individuals
scattered up and down the lower lower Deschutes and today at Tygh Valley.
Not enough data to be significant but I wonder if others are noticing the

Good Birding

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