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Subject: [obol] Fw: eBird Report - Tualatin River NWR, Jul 4, 2017

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Subject: eBird Report - Tualatin River NWR, Jul 4, 2017

Tualatin River NWR, Washington, Oregon, US
Jul 4, 2017 8:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Protocol: Traveling
2.0 mile(s)
Comments: party members: steve m, ken, carole, steve r, karen
72 species

Canada Goose X
Wood Duck X
Gadwall X
Mallard X
Cinnamon Teal X
Green-winged Teal X
Hooded Merganser X
Ring-necked Pheasant X
Pied-billed Grebe X
American Bittern X
Great Blue Heron X
Turkey Vulture X
Bald Eagle X
Red-tailed Hawk X
Sora X
American Coot X
Killdeer X
Least Sandpiper X
Western Sandpiper X
Spotted Sandpiper X
Greater Yellowlegs X
Band-tailed Pigeon X
Mourning Dove X
Great Horned Owl X
Vaux's Swift X
Anna's Hummingbird X
Rufous Hummingbird X
Belted Kingfisher X
Red-breasted Sapsucker X
Downy Woodpecker X
Northern Flicker X
American Kestrel X
Western Wood-Pewee X
Willow Flycatcher X
Pacific-slope Flycatcher X
Hutton's Vireo X
Steller's Jay X
California Scrub-Jay X
American Crow X
Tree Swallow X
Violet-green Swallow X
Barn Swallow X
Cliff Swallow X
Black-capped Chickadee X
Chestnut-backed Chickadee X
Red-breasted Nuthatch X
White-breasted Nuthatch X
Brown Creeper X
Marsh Wren X
Bewick's Wren X
Western Bluebird X
Swainson's Thrush X
American Robin X
European Starling X
Cedar Waxwing X
Orange-crowned Warbler X
Common Yellowthroat X
Black-throated Gray Warbler X
Wilson's Warbler X
Yellow-breasted Chat X
Dark-eyed Junco X
White-crowned Sparrow X
Savannah Sparrow X
Song Sparrow X
Spotted Towhee X
Black-headed Grosbeak X
Lazuli Bunting X
Red-winged Blackbird X
Brown-headed Cowbird X
House Finch X
Purple Finch X
American Goldfinch X

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