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RIP: AOU (sigh). It’s now the AOS.

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In the first edition of his Field Guide to the Birds (1934) Roger Tory Peterson states under the Ring-necked Duck heading

"The name Ring-billed Duck would be more appropriate, as an examination at very close range is necessary

to be aware of the dull chestnut ring that encircles the neck."

I doubt he was the first to mention this.

Whenever I pointed out this duck to casual birding friends or acquaintances I would always mention this

bit of avian trivia. I really enjoyed that. But no more. Many decades later the AOU has done the deed.

I'm going to miss the Ring-necked Duck sorely.

See attached photo. The Oregon Zoo allows RTP's very close examination. I imagine hunters also had/have

the occasion for such an examination.

Bob OBrien Carver OR

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