Date: 7/6/17 9:24 am
From: Jared Gorrell <jsgorrell...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET No Spotted Redshank@ Emiquon
Hi all,
No red-legged sandpipers of any kind today, despite several birders
looking, but plenty of Yellowlegs, the continuing North Globe Hudsonian
Godwit (lifer for me), peeps (Least w/ a few Semi) a Wilson's Phalarope far
out on the North Globe, a Semipalmated Plover seen by others on the South
Globe, and the usual Black-necked Stilts, Killdeer, Spotted, etc. Other
good birds included Caspian and alternative plumage Forster's tern, a few
hundred American White Pelicans, and a male Bobolink and a Grasshopper
Sparrow in the wet/mesic prairie on the North Globe.

Jared Gorrell
Fulton county

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