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Subject: IBET Re: RFI - William Dreuth's Study of Bird Migration in Lincoln Park (no sightings)
That went out of print some 50+ years ago. Back prior to when CAS was in the building across the street fro the Lincoln Park Zoo, I had visited Vicki Byre, asking for a copy of that book. There happened to be a box that had about 10-15 copies left, so I offered to buy them all, which CAS decided to sell. I then distributed them to various active birders, especially the Chicago lakefront ones.

Since out of print more than a generation ago, the only way to get a personal copy is to buy one from someone who has a copy they want to give up. Alternatively, if you're just looking to review info, I'd bet the Field Museum and CAS has at least one copy in their library. CAS (not at Peggy Notebaert, but at their archive storage library) would likely be willing to photocopy you a copy, if you visit them.

Eric Walters
Grandview, MO/Zion, IL

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Does anyone know where to obtain copies of William Dreuth's study of
bird migration in Lincoln Park? Does Notebaert carry it? The Field
Museum bookstore?

Robert D. Hughes
Chicago, Illinois

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