Date: 7/4/17 9:55 pm
From: Michael Linz <mplinz...>
Subject: Re: Western Kingbirds at Ft Smith, good nesting season
It seems to me that we are seeing Kingbirds at a lot more places in
Arkansas. Below are some pictures from a site Kenny and LaDonna report in

Adult Kingbird

Adult Kingbird at a nest removing "diapers"

Michael (Conway, AR)

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 4:59 PM, Joseph Neal <joeneal...> wrote:

> Bill and Toka Beall performed their annual survey of Western Kingbirds at
> Fort Smith today. I made the morning part. Excellent results: 49 adults, 14
> fledglings, 17 currently active nests. We also saw a White-winged Dove
> carrying nesting material into an ornamental shrub. Two Common Nighthawks
> were perched on powerlines -- one lined up, the other sort of sideways.
> This survey dates to 2002, around when Western Kingbirds arrived.
> I grew up in Fort Smith and remember 60 years ago. As the city grew and
> spread-out, old downtown with its industrial and warehouse district
> suffered steep decline. Lots of effort has gone into reversing this trend.
> Western Kingbirds and their interesting lives are now part of the revival.
> As Bill put it today, “They are bringing the West with them.”
> It was fascinating to see how thoroughly Western Kingbirds have made old
> Fort Smith their own. And between sightings, there are numerous old homes,
> warehouses, hotels, offices, fancy brickwork of a bygone era, finished
> sandstone from an ever earlier time, and huge chimneys that have lots of
> possibility swift-wise.

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