Date: 7/4/17 9:36 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Malheur trip days 4-5
Hi - 

July 3 I left Lakeview and drove north to Summer Lake.  Best bird was a male Great-tailed Grackle at the Summer Lake HQ.  John Sullivan and his partner Laura were there and told me that they are nesting at a pond just south of HQ - have dependent young out of the nest.

Lots of waterfowl at Summer Lake and lots of Avocets.

Then to Cabin Lake, where the water was bringing in more Cassin's Finches than I have ever seen before.  Also lots of Red Crossbills, probably at least 3 types.  The most common ones were quite small with long but narrow bills,  They were basically the same size as the Cassin's Finches.  Also some bigger ones with heavy bills with a distinct "tooth" on the mandible. Maybe more about them later.

Today I went back to Cabin Lake and took more crossbill photos.  Other visitors included White-headed Woodpecker, Gray Flycatcher, White-breasted Nuthatch, and both bluebirds.

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