Date: 7/4/17 11:46 am
From: Peggy Wang <00000454f4164bea-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Dickcissels & cranes
This AM, I checked out the Margaret Peak Nature Reserve in Lorain Cty. Several Dickcissels were cooperative, perched & singing. Great views, even some decent photo opps. Some were still singing when I left at noon.

Sparrows: Grasshopper (mostly heard only), Vesper, Savannah (v good looks), & Song.

Several Spotted SPs (& Killdeer) that I presume nest there?

Great Egret, Great Blue, Pied-billed Grebe, mallard, Wood Duck female w/ducklings.

Indigo Buntings. Heard an E Meadowlark.

Moved on to Sandy Ridge where I saw one adult & one imm Bald Eagle. Many Great Egrets. Picked up a beautiful male Orchard Oriole. Female RB Grosbeak. More Wood Ducks w/ducklings. E Bluebird flycatching alongside an E Kingbird--both successful.

Before heading home, decided to check out an apt complex nearby. My gps took me the long way in but as I was about to turn into the apt complex (retreat at stafford), I did a double take: a pair of Sandhill Cranes were nonchalantly grazing in an empty lot in the adjacent subdivision right by the road. They did not seem disturbed by the multiple people stopping incl a carload of photographers. At one point, the pair both knelt down for an afternoon snooze--something I don't think I've ever seen.

The photographers said it was likely the pair that attempted to nest at Sandy Ridge but were not successful.

Never know what you'll find driving around OH!!

Peggy Wang

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