Date: 7/4/17 8:22 am
From: Jay Jones <jonesjay62...>
Subject: Re: Quail Revival
In the Fayetteville area, quail can be frequently heard (and with patience, seen) in two prairie habitats: Woolsey Wet Prairie, adjacent to the West Fayetteville waste treatment facility, and Chesney Tall Grass Natural area, north of Siloam Springs.

I am leading a Wild Birds Unlimited sponsored bird walk at Chesney on July 12. You may join us at the store location on Joyce Ave, Fayetteville, at 6AM, or meet us on site about 7:45AM. Bring water, a sun hat, and insect repellant. Not suitable for pets or children under 10.

Jay ("Rick") Jones

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> On Jul 4, 2017, at 8:02 AM, Mary Ann King <office...> wrote:
> That is wonderful to hear that the park is only mowed twice a year! A gold star for the park director.
> MaryAnn King
> In the pine woods northwest of London
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> Subject: Re: Quail Revival
> Yesterday I heard one calling in one of our city parks. The grass in this park has been allowed to grow. It's quite "wild" and has native wildflowers in it. I've been in contact with the director of the park. He said he gets calls from people who want to see the park mowed. But he tells them there are enough parks like that already. This one is going to stay natural. They will mow it twice a year, and after nesting.
> Across the border in Moffett, a pair flew across the road in front of me, from a cornfield, just on the edge of town. It was a very nice thing to see.
> Sandy B.
> Fort Smith
> On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 12:23 AM George R. Hoelzeman <vogel...> wrote:
> This summer, for the first time in almost ten years, we're hearing
> Northern Bobwhites here just south of Cleveland. I'm not sure what has
> caused this years uptick in the quail population, but we would like to
> foster it...
> Remind me who the contact person is at the AGFC who helps manage
> quail..? I know I had it recorded somewhere, but its long since gotten
> lost in the ether.
> Thanks
> George

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