Date: 7/3/17 4:06 pm
From: Ms Sheryl DeVore <sheryl_1956...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET No sightings..Response to T&E species thread and Whimbrel Bird Clubber comment
 I find it necessary to  comment to the recent post pointing a huge finger at Steve Bailey blaming him for a birder leaving the list serv.
Steve just pointed out about not revealing locations of endangered species and reminding him, and he didn't mention him by name.  We have not lost an amazing birder because of Steve's actions. That's just a simply ridiculous and rude statement.  
I know Steve and there was absolutely no harmful or ill-willed intent on his part in reminding people not to post locations of endangered species. 
And yet now someone is hurling rude remarks directly at Steve on IBET.

Steve was asked to do something by others who are afraid to stand up for what's right and now Steve gets chided. 
WAH!!! I'm going to quit IBET -- I don't like what Whimbrel Birder said about my husband, so Wah, Wah Wah, I'm going to quit. Not that any of you would even care.
Ok, I'm ready -- send some rude comments my way now. Might as well spread them around.

Sheryl De Vore
Mundelein, <Illinoissheryl_1956...>
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