Date: 7/3/17 12:53 pm
From: Craig Holt <0000005e41671c14-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Conneaut and Mosquito L.
I birded Conneaut harbor from about 8:30 to noon today.  Robert Krajeski and Mark Vass were there before me in the morning, we were all there until 10 something, and I did the last hour plus myself.  Between the three of us we saw: 4 hooded mergansers, double-crested cormorants (moving west), great egret, bald eagles, 2 least sandpipers, short-billed dowitcher, spotted sandpipers, Bonaparte's gull, 2 Caspian terns, belted kingfishers, purple martins, bank swallows, and 2 orchard orioles.  On the way home I stopped at Mosquito L. to look for the previously reported Franklin's gull.  I looked at Hoagland-Blackstub Rd. pulloff, the causeway, and the State Park.  I didn't find the Franklin's gull, but I did see great egret, green heron, a juv. ring-billed gull, and cliff swallows.   Craig Holt, Lowellville


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