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I posted a note to OBOL not long after I made the original post passing along Paul's recipe. I noted that I was informed that sugar is not good for birds so I eliminated it from the recipe and it still is great without it.

Good birding, Gerard

Gerard Lillie
Portland, OR

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Ditto, a couple of months now, very popular, making double batches. Micro waving pbutter and then lard makes all mixing easier.
Steve Jaggers

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I want to put in a plug for this recipe. I finally got around to making it recently, and put out the first square on Tuesday evening. By Saturday evening it was down to a small nub, and this morning even that was gone. Iíve never had a response like this before.

A couple of notes for preparing it. As given, with the 1-1/2 cups of lard, it fits very nicely in a 7x11 Pyrex dish, which in future I will be lining with wax paper (yes, they still make it) to reduce waste. It divides very nicely into 6 smallish but convenient squares.


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Here is Paul and Carol's suet recipe.

Cornmeal and quick oats can be bought in the bulk food isle.

2 cups cornmeal

2 cups quick oats

1 cup flour

1/3 cup sugar

1 cup lard (I upped it to 1 1/2 cups lard and melted it in the microwave for ease of mixing)

1 cup chunky peanut butter

Stir all together and spread out in some sort of container to about 1/2 thickness. Cool/freeze (I freeze it) then cut up into desired size. Works like a charm.


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