Date: 7/3/17 8:44 am
From: 'Bailey, Steven D' <sdbailey...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: IBET King Rail @ Bartel Grassland 7-2-17 (No sighting)
Amazingly, after putting a post up on IBET just two days ago on the morals, ethics (& laws) in relation to birders actions with breeding threatened and endangered species in Illinois, someone puts up a post giving exact directions to a state endangered King Rail AND their small young! Seriously! Just the kind of thing that you DON'T want to do. I know that there are a lot of birders in this state that just want to make another check mark on their life lists, and don't really want to know or learn much of anything else about the birds that they seemingly enjoy, but the least that they could do, would be to learn the 31 species of state threatened and endangered birds... and act appropriately after they've found one. That's not much to have to ask for is it? You might also want to learn a little more care and ethical behavior when discussing such species on a public forum like IBET. So, I've taken the time to list those species, below. And please don't give out exact directions to another threatened and endangered species and their young. Good ethical/moral birding.

Illinois T&E bird species

24 Endangered, 7 Threatened


Short-eared Owl

Upland Sandpiper

American Bittern

Swainson's Hawk

** Piping Plover

Black Tern

Northern Harrier

Little Blue Heron

Snowy Egret

Common Gallinule

Loggerhead Shrike

Black Rail

Swainson's Warbler

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron


Wilson's Phalarope

King Rail

Forster's Tern

Common Tern

** Least Tern

Bewick's Wren

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Yellow-headed Blackbird


* Rufa Red Knot


Black-billed Cuckoo

Cerulean Warbler

Mississippi Kite

Least Bittern

Barn Owl

** = State & Federally Endangered
* = State & Federally Threatened

Steve Bailey
Mundelein (Lake County)

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