Date: 7/2/17 7:56 am
From: Jim Dixon <jamesdixonlr...>
Subject: Re: Song ID help please
That might be. I don’t have the Sibley app, I have IBird Pro and the Audubon Birds app. The latter also has a “nasal call #1” and it is close to what I heard. A little more nasal than what I heard but close. I had ruled out Eastern Towhee because the sound was “cleaner” that the towhee but maybe I was too quick to rule it out. thanks

Jim Dixon
Little Rock
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From: Jay Jones
Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2017 9:37 AM
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Subject: Re: Song ID help please

Given the season and brevity of this bird sound you described, I would venture that it was a call, rather than song. If you have access to the Sibley iPhone app, I'd suggest you listen to "nasal call #1" for the Eastern Towhee.

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On Jul 2, 2017, at 8:04 AM, jamesdixonlr <jamesdixonlr...> wrote:

I just walked in the Arboretum Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. I was greeted with a "tuWee!" not a "towHee". It took about 1 second to sing with a stress on the second syllable. I'm usually pretty good with bird song but I don't recognize this one. If you have ideas I will listen to their songs and see if that was it . Thank you

Jim Dixon
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