Date: 7/1/17 4:57 pm
From: Jon <jcefus...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] July 1 in Carroll Co.

I had to stay home during the early morning hours today, so I did not get to the woods to hear the early morning singers, but that was OK because I was planning to check some spots around Carroll for Dragonflies and Damselflies in the afternoon. Even though my main goal was Odonata, I ended up with 71 species of birds, which was pretty good for giving it my divided attention at best. Best bird of the day was 2 Vesper Sparrows along Mark Rd, where we have had them for the past 1 1/2 years (Since the 2016 Carroll Survey). I didn’t notice a Grackle today, which was odd.

Fargo Rd. is still pretty good as they have not cut the fields, as was the case for the past 2 years, but I did not hear any Dickcissels this afternoon. Could be they are well into nesting mode now. Still a lot of Henslow’s, Grasshopper, and Savannah singing. Bobolinks are testing their wings and will be slowly disappearing before you know it.

In the meantime, it’ll be a few weeks of Odes before trying to track down shorebirds and trying to track down new species in Tuscarawas Co. Maybe an Atwood Lake Magnificent Frigatebird? We can dream...

Happy birding!

Jon Cefus
Carroll Co.

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