Date: 7/1/17 9:45 am
From: Bill Whan <billwhan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] First Ohio Records
I could use some help with historical bird records. Below is a list of
what I am thinking are dates of the first published Ohio appearances of
certain bird species that took place in central counties in Ohio
(Franklin County and the six surrounding ones). They are the earliest
Ohio records I have found for these species...oddly enough. I have some
more earliest records, but these puzzle me.
Unless someone can give me published earlier records of these species I
am going to assume that the central Ohio records below are Ohio's first
recorded. Seems to me there are a *lot* of waterbirds in a rather dry
portion of the state for one thing!

King eider 1880
Common eider 1895
Surf scoter 1917
White-winged scoter 1876
Black scoter 1876
Eurasian wigeon 1906
Cinnamon teal 1895
Purple gallinule 1877
Long-billed curlew 1902
Ruff 1872
Black-legged kittiwake 1925
Franklin's gull 1906
Double-crested cormorant 1860
Mississippi Kite 1978
Golden eagle 1878
Prairie falcon 1983
Harris's hawk 1917
Frigatebird 1880

All birds above are specimens, but other documentations could be
acceptable. Citations are necessary. Thanks for any documentations you
can add!
Bill Whan


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