Date: 7/1/17 8:16 am
From: RIch Turk <turkrich...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [Arlington Birds] Kingbird and Chicks, Upper Mystic Lake 6/29/17 [1 Attachment]
Thanks for the post Linda, good to see you on Thurs.

After Linda left I reviewed my images in camera and also wondered about the
mysterious reddish patch on the adult kingbird's throat. Is it a breeding
patch? It looked like an injury to me the way the feathers were messed up.
See attached photo.

I went to the nest early this morning (Sat.)and ran into Chris and Jim with
their cameras. I showed them the images and they surmised that the
coloring was from berries that the bird may have eaten. Come to think of
it, the color reminded me of red wine! Specifically Manischewitz
Loganberry....which my family swilled down on Passover.

Anyway, neither adult bird showed any red coloring this morning. While
we were there the 2 of the 3 young birds fledged, the 3rd was still in the
nest, being attended to when I left.


On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 12:07 AM, Linda Thompson <lthom781...>
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> Went over to check out the Kingbird chicks about 4:30 or this afternoon.
> Ran into Rich Turk. We spent quite awhile watching them being fed. The
> lighting was not the greatest. Particularly with no sun. But it was fun to
> watch them and take some photos. They seem to be moving their wings a
> little. Maybe getting ready to fledge.
> I am curious about one of the parent Kingbirds that had a reddish spot
> under its chin. I know they sometimes have red on their crown. But I have
> never noticed it under the chin. Is it a breeding sign? I should think it
> is a little early for that. Any ideas?
> I have posted a couple photos at:
> Mystic Lake 217 Album.
> Linda Thompson
> Arlington


Rich Turk


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