Date: 7/1/17 7:50 am
From: Terry Butler <twbutler1941...>
Subject: A first for me with Martins
I have watched the Martins in my colony for well over 40 years. Yesterday I
watched as an adult kept hovering around two of my boxes for over 10
minutes. It looked like it had a bloody head. I got my bins and saw it had
caught, looked to be a Red Admiral butterfly. The wings had its sight
blocked and it couldn't find the correct nest. It would land at the wrong
level, then hover again. This went on for over 20 minutes, then finally the
correct nest, in it went and out without a butterfly.

My first, I have never seen a martin feeding a butterfly.

Second, Martins can see through Dragonfly wings, but not butterfly.

Third, I think Martins can find its way to its colony by coordinates, but
it finds it's nest location by sight.

Terry Butler
Pangburn, AR

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