Date: 7/1/17 6:48 am
From: Ryan Tomazin <wvwarblers...>
Subject: Mercer/Crawford Co. June 30th - Dickcissel, sparrows and more

Three of us went on a day of birding up north, spending time at the Volant Strips and surrounding farm area; northern Mercer Co.; Lake Goddard area; the McMichael Road area; Miller's Ponds, Wilson Road & Pymatuning; and a couple other areas that I don't know exact locations for. We got all of our target birds, and lots of other surprises. 87 species total between 7 AM and dusk.

Green Heron - many, in a variety of places

Bald Eagle - adult on Pleasant Grove Rd, immature near Miller's Pond, two imm. in northern Mercer, one adult blown sideways in the evening storm near Miller's Pond

Sandhill Crane - groups of 4 (Pleasant Grove Rd), 9 (flying over Volant), 7 (in field before McMichael Rd), 6 (Miller's Pond)

Bobolink - in many fields throughout

Swamp Sparrow - lots, every time we found something swampy

Sora - at Black Swamp, only seen by one of us, but photographed

Henslow's Sparrow - 17 total, from Volant and northern Mercer Co.

Willow Flycatcher - one at Volant, giving a light call

Clay-colored Sparrow - one at Volant, "sang" once right in front of us and then took off

Purple Martin - everywhere there was a box

Wood Duck - at least 4 groups of mothers with 3-4 young, plus male at McMichael Rd marsh

Red-shouldered Hawk - northern Mercer and one at Lake Goddard

Grasshopper Sparrow - a farm field off 985

Horned Lark - 3+2 in farm fields in northern Mercer

Osprey - 4-5 active nests in the Lake Goddard region, plus two fishing away from those nest areas

Double-crested Cormorant - 3 at Lake Goddard

Prothonotary Warbler - 3 singing males at McMichael Rd at pull-off

Marsh Wren - at least 5 singing males at marsh on left/west side just past pull-off on McMichael

VEERY - a singing and calling male across the road from the Pymatuning Spillway/bread depository. A big surprise.

Upland Sandpiper - sang 3-4 times on Wilson Road, then quieted up when we stopped for the...

DICKCISSEL - one singing male on the electric line along Wilson Rd. Very vocal, allowed us to get right under him.

Then the sky got really dark and the wind kicked up, so we left and had dinner. THEN got hit by the first round of deluge up in Crawford Co, but not the worst one. Flooding all along the highway.

Other animals were good, too:

Only one live deer, and that was in North Park, so a win there

Mink - I was standing quietly at the marsh on McMichael Rd, and one skittered 12-15 feet by to my left

Chipmunk - after the mink reappeared, a bold chipmunk ran a 50-yard dash down the middle of the road at one of us

Ground Hog - lots of young ones, but with a future and without

Snapping Turtle - at Pennsy Swamp, on the trail, where there was much evidence of hatching everywhere. A 7" baby.

Garter Snake - small one in the road at a Henslow's stop


Ryan Tomazin - Bridgeville, PA
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