Date: 7/1/17 4:06 am
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] source of name Idaho Flats


In Oregon Geographic Names, 6th Edition, 1992, I find this:
"Idaho Point ... is a prominent landmark on the south side of Yaquina Bay...
In times past it has been known both as Point Virtue and Hinton Point...
The name Idaho Point appears to have been the result of a real estate
venture but after World War II it became well established."

The tidal flats north and west of the point must have got their name from
the point.


Paul Sullivan

Subject: neat installation of mobiles at SJYB
Date: Sat Jul 1 2017 0:51 am
From: megruby AT 

Paul, I enjoyed your references to drift wood mobiles and Whimbrels in the
Newport area.

For any who may be rusty on Yaquina Bay birding locales, check out the handy
ODFW Commercial and Recreational Marine Fisheries map of the Shellfish Areas
of Yaquina Bay.

Birder hotspots Idaho Flats and Sallys Bend are denoted clearly.

Anyone know how Idaho Flats came to be so named?

Good Birding!

Meg <Rubymerubirds...>

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