Date: 6/30/17 12:14 pm
From: Cody Massery <cmassery...>
Subject: Possible Jaeger
Earlier this morning an Arkansas Tech graduate student observed a jaeger spp., they believe it was a long-tailed jaeger but are not 100% confident. It was observed chasing least terns around two sand bars. As soon as I was relayed the information I went after the bird. I stopped at two different locations, first Charlie's Hidden Harbor. I did not have any luck there since vegetation blocked most of the viewing areas. So I went down to Paw Paw Road which is located right at the base of Petit Jean mountain on the Oppelo side. After about thirty minutes of scanning the river I found what I believe was the jaeger. You could see a white breast and black head but that was about all you could make out from the distance it was at. I sat there and waited for it to fly but it never did and eventually I had to leave. I have attached a image of a map to this email with the location of where I was at when I observed the bird and as well as where I saw it. Hopefully someone will have better luck than me and get a much better look!

Here are also the coordinates of the Observation Location: 35.127120, -92.831562

Cody Massery


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