Date: 6/29/17 8:27 pm
From: <rjk_540i...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Wild Turkeys in Chicago?
I did a double take on Tuesday as a Female Wild Turkey showed up in my backyard (see attached).

I live in the heart of the Beverly neighborhood (Chicago) and started to question how or why the bird chose my yard to hang out for about 5 minutes only to fly over my neighbors fence into their backyard—and then flying up the shade of the roof of their garage, preening itself for the next 30 minutes.

Question to the group.

Has anyone seen or heard reports of Wild Turkeys in Chicago lately?

I'm about 2 miles due south of the Dan Ryan Woods and the only thing I'm thinking is that they may have taken up residence in there.

Just wondering.

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