Date: 6/29/17 7:43 pm
From: Charles Gates <cgates326...>
Subject: [obol] Video of Central Oregon Birds
While surfing U-Tube this winter searching for videos about birding
Ecuador, I came across some video slide shows that were very helpful in
my studying of Ecuadorian birds. I thought, "Something like this might
be helpful to people visiting Central Oregon." So, I took advantage of
the summer doldrums and created a video of Central Oregon Birds. Most
of the photos are mine but I did solicit photos from Khanh Tran, Nels
Nelson, Ken Chamberlain and Barry McKenzie. Due to limitations on my
U-Tube account, I had to limit the video to 15 minutes. This meant I
had to leave out some of the rarer birds in the area. Still, I managed
to squeeze in 240ish species. It moves at a pretty good clip but you
can always pause it on U-tube if you need more time. The labeling is
not perfect with rather random use of terms like uncommon, rare or local
but this video is not really for the bird expert who cares about such
things. Instead, I imagine this to be useful to beginning to
intermediate birders who may not have knowledge about other sources of info.

I'm constantly being contacted by visiting birders. They want to know
what birds they can expect on a visit to Oregon or to our region. I
imagine this happens occasionally to you. Now maybe you can send them
the link to this video or tell them to search "Central Oregon Birds" on
U-tube to find the video. It might also be useful to eastern or western
Oregonians who are planning a trip over here.

Anyway, thanks to Ken, Khanh, Barry and Nels for helping out (wait til
you see Khanh's owl pics....insanely good). Hope this will help people
interested in CO birds.

Video can be seen at

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Chuck Gates
Powell Butte,
Central Oregon
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