Date: 6/29/17 6:00 pm
From: david smith <smithdwd...>
Subject: [obol] MNWR, Orch Oriole no, Black Phoebe
9:30 to 11:30 HQ, I did not find OROR; only two others looking for an hour. 1st arrived a "black phoebe" on a low sign near restroom, white vent, same on all of belly side I could see (looking angled away)side of chest and throat black, smaller then the Say's(at HQ), flew up to restroom roof facing away but head turned and tail down. Then flew low along south side trees into oblivion. What else? No wing bars, eyerings, nor calls. It was black and white, small black bill, I briefly got bins on it enough to not figure anything else including EAPH. It was not at the water(yet?) but near habitation is not unusual, just a surprise 1st bird as I was the only one there. David Smith

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