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Subject: RE: [Arlington Birds] FREE Events in your state parks this weekend
Hi Arlington Birders,
MassWildlife received the request below but doesn't have anyone available on that date. I immediately thought of you as talented, urban, and then some, birders. Anyone interested in leading this walk? If so, contact Susan Janowsky below.
Jean Rogers, Fresh Pond Reservation
We at the Esplanade Association are reaching out to you, the Wildlife Education Specialist for MassWildlife, in the hopes of speaking with you about a program in the Esplanade this summer. Family Adventures on the Charles River Esplanade are geared toward bringing families to the Esplanade to engage them in the local environment and educate them about biodiversity in the Charles River Basin. We are interested in bringing a wildlife specialist in for our Wildlife Watch day on Saturday, August 19th from 10:00am to 1:00pm to lead a walk through the Esplanade, along the Charles and speak on the native and non-native species.
The program is intended to focus on all kinds of wildlife, however, considering the urban nature of the Esplanade and the abundance of birds, we are hoping to find someone with a strong ornithological knowledge. We plan to provide the children with binoculars and packets with species information for wildlife bingo. We would love to have you or a colleague lead the walk to ensure the success of this program. We are eagerly awaiting a response.
Susan Janowsky
Programs Assistant
The Esplanade Association
376 Boylston Street, Suite No. 503
Boston, MA 02116
201-704-9388<tel:(201)%20704-9388> - Mobile

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Subject: [Arlington Birds] FREE Events in your state parks this weekend

North Region Coastal District
Department of Conservation and Recreation
One Eliot Circle Contact: Matthew Nash
Revere, MA 02151
(781) 485-2804 Ext. 105
Date June 21, 2017

Find yourself in a DCR State Park<<7Cjrogers...>%7Ce7bbd89df45e4b8d3efd08d4be234a2a%7Cc06a8be784794d73b35193bc9ba8295c%7C0%7C1%7C636342506157249850&sdata=8lcAVPmYegJ5DIWw1N0nTfM%2FmjNZT8F96G0H5nwyBkc%3D&reserved=0>

Join a DCR Park interpreter to learn about the wonderful natural history of your state parks. All Programs are FREE and open to the public. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For program cancellations phone 978-937-2094 ext. 121, one hour before start time. Rain Cancels. Strongly recommend sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and footwear suitable for walking on the beach, and on paths. For more information phone (781) 485-2804 Ext. 105 or email <Matthew.Nash...><mailto:<Matthew.Nash...>. For a listing of programs at other DCR state parks visit<<7Cjrogers...>%7Ce7bbd89df45e4b8d3efd08d4be234a2a%7Cc06a8be784794d73b35193bc9ba8295c%7C0%7C0%7C636342506157259859&sdata=kCtfu9PLTDgoq90RJnvxttUOppYxBjAETcphJ1aL6L8%3D&reserved=0> .

An Oasis for Wildlife
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation
Saturdays, July 1 & 15 8:15 -9:15 a.m.
Discover the abundant birdlife at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, a restored wildlife sanctuary. We will walk while birding for a distance of a mile on easy level terrain. Some binoculars and a spotting scope will be provided but please bring these items if you have them. Reasonable accommodations available upon request. Meet at: Main Parking lot near the bulletin board, located on Bennington Street, East Boston between address 1236 Bennington St., East Boston and 173 Bennington St., Revere. Parking is on a paved lot and is free of charge. Accessible by public transportation: MBTA Blue line, Beachmont Station. Exit station, turn right, at intersection cross State Road/Bennington Street, travel right along Bennington Street to park entrance on the left. Visit<<7Cjrogers...>%7Ce7bbd89df45e4b8d3efd08d4be234a2a%7Cc06a8be784794d73b35193bc9ba8295c%7C0%7C0%7C636342506157259859&sdata=eGrCshJ3m8enNTRNSIphGeLrbRpT%2FI98vxsDtZrQX%2Bs%3D&reserved=0> for bus and train information. Co-sponsored by the Friends of Belle Isle Marsh.

What Lies Beneath the Sea
Short Beach Section of Winthrop Shores Reservation
Saturday, July 1 11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Discover what animals lay beneath the sea on this tide pool exploration and learn how these animals struggle for survival and satisfy their voracious appetites. Be prepared for walking on rocky and slippery ground and getting your feet wet. Some nets will be provided but bring a net if you have one. Meet at: Short Beach section of Winthrop Shores Reservation, Winthrop, MA, (Beachside on the sidewalk near the boundary between Revere Street, Winthrop, MA and Winthrop Parkway, Revere MA). Parking is free of charge but limited on the street and in a small lot across the street. Co-sponsored by the Friends of Belle Isle Marsh.

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