Date: 6/29/17 11:18 am
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Re: RFI -- Birding Northwest and North Central Arkansas
You would probably like Mt. Magazine and the surrounding areas. That's
definitely worth the visit.

Bill Thurman

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 12:57 PM, Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>

> Ebird CAN be an awesome tool and has helped me find birds I might not have
> found otherwise... but, how useful it is depends greatly on how many people
> actually use it. There's a TON of good birders here in Arkansas that
> simply don't report to lists like Ebird. :( And, some areas just aren't
> birded so frequently. I still try to use it for some birds looking at
> hotspots and range maps. I can't be of help outside of that but I can dig
> through a little data and see what comes up. Let people know how far
> you're willing to travel from that area as well, as that might yield some
> different results.
> I'll post anything that MIGHT be helpful on the list below... if it helps
> it helps, if it doesn't, it doesn't. :)
> On 6/29/2017 10:27 AM, Ryan Dziedzic wrote:
> If anyone could provide information on potential locations/habitats for
> the following birds, I would be very appreciative (eBird is only so helpful
> in this regard).
> *Northern Bobwhite* - lots of older reports in that area. My guess is
> you can find some if you explore anywhere prairie-ish in that area. Only
> recent report in that area seems to be near a road and not much of an
> actual birding spot but, reports are very recent and multiple days so it
> may be a good spot.
> *Mississippi Kite* - Not much for reports on this one. This bird is not
> an easy one to find... I've only seen a couple and it's been luck.
> They're more common here during migration. I doubt you'll find one unless
> someone knows of a reliable spot in the area.
> *Greater Roadrunner* - This bird, I want to say you have a chance of
> finding one on just about any dirt/farmish road in the area. They're quick
> and not always out in the open so a reliable spot is hard to find. We have
> a family of them in our neighborhood(Siloam Springs, a bit too far) that
> you could definitely find IF you are lucky or just patient. With all that
> said, there was one reported at the same spot as the bobwhite recently so
> it may be a good area.
> *Chuck-will's-widow* - This is still on my needs list. Seems that this
> bird was also seen(likely heard actually) at the same spot as the
> roadrunner and bobwhite so again, might be a good spot. Someone also
> recently reported one down in flippin.
> checklist/S37316440
> *Scissor-tailed Flycatcher* - don't even need to list locations for this
> one. Any back road with fields and fences and such, you'll definitely find
> this bird. :)
> *White-eyed Vireo* - No recent reports in that area but it's a common
> enough bird. If you're in the right habitat and you know their song, I
> think there's a good chance for this one.
> *Bell's Vireo* - My experience with these is limited and, limited to
> Benton county. They seem less abundant and more habitat specific. No
> reports in that general area but someone might know a good spot for one. I
> think it will either be traveling or luck for this bird. Adam mentioned
> Baker prairie in Harrison and it seems there are a few recent sightings
> there so, definitely worth a look if you can get that way.
> *Worm-eating Warbler* - another bird I'd call habitat specific... or,
> picky. Seems to prefer areas with steep hills and dense forest. There may
> be habitat like that in that immediate area but there are no good reports
> right there. Reliable reports(not too recent) all along the buffalo river
> that was mentioned by Adam already.
> *Swainson's Warbler* - Doubtful on this one. Migration through here is
> in the Spring... May perhaps. Kind of late now and even then, not very
> common.
> *Kentucky Warbler* - Another habitat specific like the worm eating but,
> far less picky or, more common. Anywhere along the buffalo you're likely
> to find them. No recent reports but they have been reported at bull
> shoals... Cindy Franklin reported one a few years back at the dam.
> I think if you're in
> the right spot, you should find this one. :)
> *Prairie Warbler* - I haven't had much luck with this species but they
> are around. I think Baker prairie that was mentioned will be your best bet
> but none have been reported toooooo recently. Hopefully someone has some
> more reliable reports than recent ebird sightings for this one.
> *Yellow-breasted Chat* - Baker prairie again. Recent report of two
> there. A closer
> location that looks like it could be a good spot...
> looks under ebirded...
> but, being a resort, it might not be a general public area to bird. Can't
> say. Looks like Dan Scheiman has been there years back so maybe he or
> someone else knows something of the location. It's close to bull shoals
> and, even though there's no data this year, looks like it has good bird.
> *Lark Sparrow* - no recent reports in that area but you may get lucky on
> some back roads if you're paying attention.
> *S**ummer Tanager* - one of many recent sightings
> I don't think it will
> be difficult for you to find these. Listen for their call... they're a
> common bird down here in the summer.
> *Blue Grosbeak* - seems there's a recent sighting at the dam
> and, that location that
> had the bobwhite and other birds, first link I posted... These are common
> but not always seen everywhere. Looks like a good area for them though.
> *Painted Bunting* - these have been reported here and there but the most
> recent(this month) and reliable has been baker prairie.
> I know you can only do so much with Ebird but sometimes it pays off.
> Hopefully we have some birders knowledgeable of that area even better that
> have other suggestions to go with.
> And, good luck. I've never been to that area but, it's a pretty area.
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