Date: 6/29/17 11:06 am
From: 'Donnie R. Dann' <donniebird...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET COMMON TERNS, attempting to re-nest at Waukegan Beach
IBET folks,

As most of you know, the colony of COMMON TERNS that for years nested at the harbor at Great Lakes, abandoned that site a few years ago because of high lake levels, breaching of the breakwater and the resultant flooding of any available habitat.

However, beginning last year they attempted to establish a colony in the dunal area of Waukegan Beach, although nesting was unsuccessful. The good news is that they have done so again this year and at least 4 or 5 nests and eggs have been found. Problematically, as desirable as the site may be, because it is essentially unfenced and unprotected, it is potentially subject to a high-level of mammalian depredation and human disturbance. Brad Semel, the IDNR Natural Heritage biologist asked me to post this notification to birders for a few reasons. First, if you go to Waukegan Beach, please keep outside the area in the dunes that is surrounded by rope and signs, which is where the nests are. Secondly, if you see anyone approaching the area respectfully explain that these birds are a state endangered species, and especially now, while they are nesting, shouldn’t be driven off their nests. As the colony is mostly at the top of the high dune, it can be seen without getting close. Hopefully, this will be a good chance to witness this rare species while helping to monitor the nesting site.

Lastly, and of no less importance, please send a short note of thanks to Mayor Sam Cunningham <mayor.cunningham...> <mailto:<mayor.cunningham...> for his and the other city officials earnest cooperation in doing what they can to protect this unique site and its flora and fauna.

Good birding,

Donnie Dann
Highland Park/Lake County

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