Date: 6/29/17 10:57 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: RFI -- Birding Northwest and North Central Arkansas
Ebird CAN be an awesome tool and has helped me find birds I might not
have found otherwise... but, how useful it is depends greatly on how
many people actually use it. There's a TON of good birders here in
Arkansas that simply don't report to lists like Ebird. :( And, some
areas just aren't birded so frequently. I still try to use it for some
birds looking at hotspots and range maps. I can't be of help outside
of that but I can dig through a little data and see what comes up. Let
people know how far you're willing to travel from that area as well, as
that might yield some different results.
I'll post anything that MIGHT be helpful on the list below... if it
helps it helps, if it doesn't, it doesn't. :)
On 6/29/2017 10:27 AM, Ryan Dziedzic wrote:
> If anyone could provide information on potential locations/habitats
> for the following birds, I would be very appreciative (eBird is only
> so helpful in this regard).
> *_WISH LIST:_*
> *_Northern Bobwhit_e* - lots of older reports in that area. My guess
> is you can find some if you explore anywhere prairie-ish in that
> area. Only recent report in that area seems to be near a road and not
> much of an actual birding spot but, reports are very recent and
> multiple days so it may be a good spot.
> _*Mississippi Kite*_ - Not much for reports on this one. This bird is
> not an easy one to find... I've only seen a couple and it's been
> luck. They're more common here during migration. I doubt you'll find
> one unless someone knows of a reliable spot in the area.
> _*Greater Roadrunner*_ - This bird, I want to say you have a chance of
> finding one on just about any dirt/farmish road in the area. They're
> quick and not always out in the open so a reliable spot is hard to
> find. We have a family of them in our neighborhood(Siloam Springs, a
> bit too far) that you could definitely find IF you are lucky or just
> patient. With all that said, there was one reported at the same spot
> as the bobwhite recently so it may be a good area.
> _*Chuck-will's-widow*_ - This is still on my needs list. Seems that
> this bird was also seen(likely heard actually) at the same spot as the
> roadrunner and bobwhite so again, might be a good spot. Someone also
> recently reported one down in flippin.
> _*Scissor-tailed Flycatcher*_ - don't even need to list locations for
> this one. Any back road with fields and fences and such, you'll
> definitely find this bird. :)
> _*White-eyed Vireo*_ - No recent reports in that area but it's a
> common enough bird. If you're in the right habitat and you know their
> song, I think there's a good chance for this one.
> _*Bell's Vireo*_ - My experience with these is limited and, limited to
> Benton county. They seem less abundant and more habitat specific. No
> reports in that general area but someone might know a good spot for
> one. I think it will either be traveling or luck for this bird. Adam
> mentioned Baker prairie in Harrison and it seems there are a few
> recent sightings there so, definitely worth a look if you can get that
> way.
> _*Worm-eating Warbler*_ - another bird I'd call habitat specific...
> or, picky. Seems to prefer areas with steep hills and dense forest.
> There may be habitat like that in that immediate area but there are no
> good reports right there. Reliable reports(not too recent) all along
> the buffalo river that was mentioned by Adam already.
> _*Swainson's Warbler*_ - Doubtful on this one. Migration through here
> is in the Spring... May perhaps. Kind of late now and even then, not
> very common.
> _*Kentucky Warbler*_ - Another habitat specific like the worm eating
> but, far less picky or, more common. Anywhere along the buffalo you're
> likely to find them. No recent reports but they have been reported at
> bull shoals... Cindy Franklin reported one a few years back at the
> dam. I think if
> you're in the right spot, you should find this one. :)
> _*Prairie Warbler*_ - I haven't had much luck with this species but
> they are around. I think Baker prairie that was mentioned will be
> your best bet but none have been reported toooooo recently. Hopefully
> someone has some more reliable reports than recent ebird sightings for
> this one.
> _*Yellow-breasted Chat*_ - Baker prairie again. Recent report of two
> there. A closer
> location that looks like it could be a good spot...
> looks under
> ebirded... but, being a resort, it might not be a general public area
> to bird. Can't say. Looks like Dan Scheiman has been there years
> back so maybe he or someone else knows something of the location.
> It's close to bull shoals and, even though there's no data this year,
> looks like it has good bird.
> _*Lark Sparrow*_ - no recent reports in that area but you may get
> lucky on some back roads if you're paying attention.
> _*S*__*ummer Tanager*_ - one of many recent sightings
> I don't think it
> will be difficult for you to find these. Listen for their call...
> they're a common bird down here in the summer.
> _*Blue Grosbeak*_ - seems there's a recent sighting at the dam
> and, that location
> that had the bobwhite and other birds, first link I posted... These
> are common but not always seen everywhere. Looks like a good area for
> them though.
> _*Painted Bunting*_ - these have been reported here and there but the
> most recent(this month) and reliable has been baker prairie.
I know you can only do so much with Ebird but sometimes it pays off.
Hopefully we have some birders knowledgeable of that area even better
that have other suggestions to go with.
And, good luck. I've never been to that area but, it's a pretty area.

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